Monday, August 20, 2012

Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain is a great place to hit if you feel a rumbling in your tummy – but not enough for a hearty meal.
The first time I went here, I was so impressed with the self service system and the items on display , this was at the outlet in Mantri Mall. We were so tired after walking around and dropped in for some juice .We also ordered a white forest cake for S's mom who was celebrating her birthday the same day . It was nice and moist .Unfortunately no pics of it.
The next time I went, was in the outlet in the Cradle hospital where I went for a scan while expecting baby A. I just had a croissant that day and it was really soft and buttery, you can make out its freshly baked.
An actual visit was when we were in Koramangala during one of those cooler mornings. Dropped in to have a snack.On entering we see some soups on offer and immediately change our mind .
We tried the oriental chicken soup , which was the nonveg soup of the day , the veg option was potato and leek soup.We decided to get it served in the bread bowl – it was a good decision cos the bread soaked up all the goodness of the soup and tasted so comforting and filling- just perfect when there is a slight nip in the air.

The soup was hot and garlicky with just enough spice in it.We teamed that with a chicken wonderwich .Now I expected 2 pieces of brown /white bread with some chicken filling inside but what came was a roll kinda bread with a chicken patty and some slices of tomato and lettuce inside( almost like a burger). Blame it on my poor observation.It was not that great.
The staff are really helpful and welcoming , and I particularly liked the self service part where you can choose whatever you want with the help of some tongs and little baskets . I highly recommend the soup particularly inside the bread bowl.

Location - Intersection Of 100 Feet Ring Road And 80 Feet Road, Sony Center Signal, Koramangala
Price ( for 2) - Inside 200 Rs
Yum-O-Meter - 3/5


  1. I like the idea of soup in a bread bowl. Just warming.

  2. I found the veg Wonderwich very filling and you can change the bread to brown (yummy bread), I even added a patty (for extra of course, but worth it). The veg Snackwich is perfect for a snack.

    1. I agree the wonderwich was filling and economic ,but i would order the other things in the menu over it without thinking twice next time.I dint see the brown bread option - was too excited bout the soup.Thanks for visiting and your comment Anonymous :) It would be nice to know your name as well :)

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