Monday, September 3, 2012

Coco Grove Beer Cafe

Cocogrove Beer Café is nestled in one of the hot spots, Church street in Brigade road. Not to be confused with the Coconut Grove restaurant ( right next to it ) (which is a Malayali restaurant) ,Cocogrove is a place which is open through the afternoons and once you are done with all your shopping , drop in for a quick bite to eat and maybe a beer to refresh you .
The food is mainly continental with sandwiches , burgers ,finger food and sizzlers on the list .You also have your pick of milkshakes, beer , cocktail and mocktails.
I dropped in here one day , famished after spending a hot afternoon in brigade road with my friend. We didn't have the patience for starters so immediately ordered a soft drink and lamb burgers for both of us.

Lamb Burger
Here, you can see the lamb burger – which is basically a mutton cutlet (reminded me of those cutlets you get in bakeries in Kerala) , served in a bun with lettuce , onions, tomatoes and mayo . It has a side of potato chips- out of a packet( not French fries) .
I tried the special lamb burger which is the same as above ,with an addition of an egg (omelet) and cheese. Not mind-blowing stuff but satisfies your hunger and not bad for the price. The place was filled up when we went there on a Sunday afternoon .Seems to be a nice place to hang out for a couple of hours with your buddies without creating a dent in your bank balance .

Location –Spencers Building, Church Street, MG Road Area, Bangalore
Price ( for 2) – Rs 350
Yum-O-Meter – 2/5


  1. The fries look kind of sad, but would really love the lamb burger.

    1. The burger reminded me so much of a Kerala bakery style one - but then it was part of a mallu setup.

  2. I agree, I will not be stepping inside Coconut Grove anymore.
    It's way, way better to go to Chef Baker's near Bangalore Central in Bellandur. The quantity is such that one dish is enough for two people sometimes! Last time I was there, I paid compliments to the chef.
    However, I didn't find the Indiranagar branch doesn't prepare the food as good. And perhaps it helps that you go during weekdays? Not sure... ;o)

    1. I really think I need to try Chef Bakers hearing you rave about it so much :)

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