Friday, June 29, 2012

Wow! Momo

We tried this place during one of our weekly window shopping excursions - which was at the Phoenix Market City mall this time.

Both of us were starving and decided to go for the Chicken Sizzler Momo  , which consisted of 6 pieces of steamed chicken momos on skewers with some veggies( 3 of which were dunked in a spicy schezuan sauce) and served with some veggie loaded noodles on one of those sizzling plates  :) , and a glass of coke.

Normally  I've never liked the noodles served in combos as they tend to be basic and pretty bland, but these were so yummy, and the momos were juicy and succulent - nicely filled with the chicken and flavorsome. You also get 2 dipping sauces - one was the spicy chilly one , and the other was a minty coriander one- both went nicely with the dish.It was a pretty filling meal and since it was a sizzler, it remained hot til the very last bite.
There was a variety of momos on offer - steamed, pan fried , chicken, prawn,fish, vegetable , mushroom,spring onions, and even dessert ones filled with chocolate. But we were pretty full so dint try anything else.The place is a little pricy , as all food-court outlets are - but its much better ( and filling) than most of the food court stuff we've tasted , so that makes it worth a try .

Location - 2nd Floor, Food Court, Phoenix Market City Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore 
Price ( for 2) - Around 400Rs - each combo is around 180 , but just a plate of momos is around 60-80 rs
Yum-O-Meter - 3.5/5 


  1. At 180 rupees, I think the combo is quite a good deal. The momos dunked in a spicy schezuan sauce especially look good.

    1. It really was worth every penny Indu... very tasty n filling


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