Friday, June 22, 2012

Cafe Terra

It was one of those lazy Sundays at home .Both of us had been craving for a nice hot English breakfast for a while. The initial plan was to hit Hole in the wall Cafe , Koramangala . We've been hearing rave reviews and wanting to visit the place for a while. But on reaching there , we discovered it was actually a hole in a wall for a restaurant , and the place was jam packed. Forget eating there , even breathing there would have been a struggle . So it was time for Plan B - hit some other cafe which serves a nice English breakfast . Google came to our help this time and we started out for Cafe Terra, which sounded promising and right nearby . First impressions of the cafe was a small, very normal looking place, with some outdated comics and books at a corner shelf. Quick look through the menu and we quickly decided to go for an English breakfast , something interesting called a Hams Basket and one order of the Belgian waffles which everyone around us seemed to be having .
The order took some time and then finally it was here, well only the English breakfast , they needed time for the other orders.
English Breakfast

 One bite and both of our faces fell, it wasn't exactly awesome and most importantly, it was not steaming hot like all breakfasts need to be. The plate consisted of 2 slices of toasted bread, butter on the side, scrambled eggs,couple of chicken sausages, baked beans ,a grilled tomato , some potatoes and a mug of coffee. The toast and sausages were OK , I mean you cant really screw that up , and the tomato was (supposedly!) grilled . The potatoes were pretty normal and the baked beans were something definitely out of the can . The scrambled eggs saved the dish.But the most disappointing part was the coffee, it was cold and tasteless.
Ham Basket

Next to arrive was the Ham Basket, well this dish kinda made up for the earlier dish.It was a nest/basket made of ham(duh! :D ) innovatively , it had a filling of sauteed onions and mushrooms ,topped with a poached egg.Pretty interesting .It had the usual accompaniments of toast , potatoes and coffee.
Belgian waffles

Finally we finished our meal with the Belgian waffles which were browned a little too much for my liking , topped with some honey and powdered sugar .  Not really something you would write home about .

So overall, it was a pretty disappointing experience and we would definitely not go back here.For this price you can have a much better (and HOT) meal at coffee day instead.

Location - V3 Trinity, 1st Floor, 80 Feet Road, 1st Block, Koramangala , Bangalore
Price( for 2 ) - Around 400 Rs
Yum-O-Meter :  1/5


  1. Oh!! :(
    The waffles do look seriously brown.....

    1. It was bad. I ordered it thinking Adrian wud enjoy it , but he refused to even taste it

  2. Yikes, that sounds bad! U should have tried telling the guy that the coffee was cold or something! Anyway, I tried it out just once and it was pretty good (not the coffee, lol)! N the waffles dont really look good :|
    P.S: I know the best place for Waffles.. Crepe Connection, Garuda Mall! Heavenly! :)

    1. Dunno if the chef was just having an off day :( but Im not going back there again . I was quite surprised cos the place had good reviews as well.
      Good waffles are hard to find - thanks for the suggestion Sharon , need to check it out sometime..


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