Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bistro Grill Express

During one of those aimless window shopping through Bangalore Central - Jayanagar , hunger pangs hit us and we decide - lets try the food court for a change. So up we went to the 4th floor and a wide variety greets us , 'so what do we have ? ' asks the better half. Hmm- chinese/ subway / indian / salads as usual? Thats when we spot the Bistro Grill almost at the end of the chain .Mmmm ! the smell of shawarma was heavenly and draw us to their counter. Arabic food has always been a weakness for both of us, since we have spent a good chunk of our childhood tucking into those delicacies in the Middle east. Unfortunately nothing on offer in Bangalore has come upto the mark we set with the authentic stuff but let me tell you Bistro Grill comes very very close!!

We order the chicken shawarma and the chicken lebanese sandwich. It came with pickled vegetables and a dip of garlic sauce. Both had us exclaiming in delight at the first bite - juicy and fresh vegetables and loaded with chicken and tahini sauce :). The bread was almost like the kubbus we grew up eating - not just a dry imitation of the pita bread.
Chicken shawarma(L) and Chicken Lebanese sandwich(R)

We savoured over every bite , it was fingerlicking. And dont let the size fool you - it was filling as well. Price is a little steep ( around 100 Rs for a shawarma but it was so yummy i would not think twice bout dishing out 100 bucks for this again ) . Definitely worth a second visit . And we did go a second time , this time ordering a hummus and kubbus - again yum - we were fighting over the last piece - no pictures unfortunately .

Location - 4th Floor, Bangalore Central Mall , Jayanagar
Price ( for 2 ) - Around 300Rs
Yum-O-Meter - 4/5 


  1. Agree that Arabic food isn't that great in bangalore. But I am very tempted by your description of the food at Bistro....


    1. DO try it Indu , i m sure u wud lik it :) n lil quya as well

  2. Yeah, I've been brought up in the Gulf too.. Spent most of my life there and still visit it twice every year now.. The Shawarma was pretty good.. But one look at the so called 'Khapsa' on display (Geez,They didnt even spell it right), and I knew it was just another Indian dish falsely named so! :| Nothing even CLOSE to what a Khabsa looks like!

    1. LOL! i did not notice the 'Khapsa' , need to check it out ! S would have been outraged - its one of his favs... BTW Nice to meet a fellow 'Gulf-ite' in Bangalore !

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