Monday, July 2, 2012


It was a special occasion - our 5th anniversary - and the occasion of course called for a celebration . For us any celebration is equal to amazing food . So off we headed to Turquoise .
Interior is pretty swanky - my favorite was the big turquoise chandelier at a corner - and we got to sit right next to it .

Our table had a (turquoise again) glass candle holder and the setup was pretty romantic .
Great place to bring your dates *wink * !
The menu is pretty extensive and we were spoilt for choice - almost everything sounded tempting and we really had a hard time deciding what to try. 
For starters, we ordered Chicken Vol Au Vents and chicken Caesar salad.

Chicken Vol Au Vent
 Chicken vol au vents are little pastry cases stuffed with minced chicken , mushrooms and herbs in a creamy sauce. The pastry was light and crunchy and the filling was simply delicious.

Chicken Caesar Salad
 The Caesar salad had lots of lettuce with grilled chicken and bacon in a mayonnaise dressing. The presentation was lovely .
For mains , I had the Risotto with smoked ham and sage.

Risotto with sage and smoked ham , look behind to see actual portion of lamb dish
 It was creamy but surprisingly not as heavy as i thought it would be .
S had grilled lamb chops with crushed rosemary and garlic, herbed potato wedges and ratatouille.

Grilled lamb , wedges and ratatouille - after most of it was demolished by us
 The lamb was really tender and the flavors were subtle but amazing.The wedges were baked perfectly and the ratatouille was a good side of grilled vegetables.
Of course we couldn't leave without having dessert and we ordered the turquoise trio - mini versions of 3 of their best desserts - the chocolate fudge pate with passion fruit cream,vanilla creme brulee and mille feuille - seasonal fruits with vanilla creme on top of a meringue.

(From left to right) Chocolate Fudge Pate , Vanilla Creme brulee and mille feuille
 I'm not a huge fruit lover but the mille feuille with the crunchy base, cream and fruits was just divine. The best of the 3 was the chocolate fudge pate - it is dark , intense and seriously chocolatey .
The service was good , and the place is not too crowded so you can enjoy a nice meal with conversation.
I read a couple of negative review online which complained that they dint serve Indian food and the food was bland - well really - I think you should know what kind of cuisine is served  before complaining bout any place , it really doesn't make any sense to go to a continental setup and order curd rice. We really enjoyed ourselves and the meal was memorable.They do Sunday brunch as well- so maybe one day we will try that .

Location - 2nd Floor, 9, Above Mom & Me, 1st A Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore 
Price ( for 2 ) - Around 2000 ( Not including drinks) 
Yum-O-Meter - 4.5/5


  1. First, I can't believe you ordered salad. But since it had chicken and bacon and mayo, I forgive you...

    The chocolate fudge sounds divine!

    1. Hehe ... the salad was an attempt to eat some 'healthy' greens too :D ... the fudge was one of the best desserts i have ever eaten ! drooling now just thinking bout it


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