Monday, July 9, 2012

China Pearl

Our go-to for all Chinese has always been Chung wah .We loved the food there, coupled with the low prices , but the last few times I've starting to feel 'Are they losing their touch?'.  Also now its been more than 6 years and we desperately needed to try some new chinese place.Couple of my my friends have been raving about china pearl - one of them who has relocated from Bangalore to Kerala, makes people get parcels from here for her to tuck into at home, and it has been an on going battle between 2 sets of foodie friends- one side believes Chung wah is better and the other side goes for china pearl. So the next time we craved for chinese ,we headed to china pearl instead to see what the fuss was about .

First thing that strikes you when you enter is the interior. Very cliche chinese feng shui stuff all around - complete with the chinese fans and paintings. But it was very pretty and of course we all do love cliches ;) . It was pretty full which is a good indication of the quality of the food.
Menu is very extensive and we had a really hard time choosing.
We started our meal with dragon spring rolls and chicken tom yum soup .
Chicken dragon rolls
The dragon spring roll was crunchy and served with a spicy dip . I preferred their standard chilli dip on the table to the one served with the rolls.
Soya sauce, chilli , vinegar-green chilli seasonings

 The tom-yum soup was clear and spicy with loads of veggies, chicken and ginger - perfect for clearing a blocked nose :D
Chicken Tom Yum soup

Along with the starters we were also served a cold cucumber salad and saucy cabbage salad .Very fresh.

For mains , we tried the chicken autumn rice with szechuan style - it was fried rice loaded with chicken and veggies in a szechuan sauce.
Chicken Autumn Rice

One bite and we enjoyed a mouthful of flavor -spicy, tangy and just yummy .
We also tried the mixed szechuan chowmein which was good too.
Mixed chowmein

Along with it we ordered chicken green dragon - spicy shredded chicken in green dragon sauce.
Chicken Green Dragon

The description sounded interested so we decided to try it , and I'm so glad we did cos it was so amazing - the base of the dragon gravy was spinach ,and the flavor was simply out of this world - spicy but in a nice way.Its a must try .
There were quite a few options for dessert but we were bursting to the seams now so dint order any. The quantity is pretty good- there were 3 of us and we had a tough time finishing our plates .
I want to especially mention the loo which was very spic ,span and clean, very difficult to see that these days !
As for the debate between who wins - Chung wah or china pearl - it still continues - cos I do have a soft spot for Chung wah ( especially the one on Residency road - just the thought of their double cooked pork makes me drool) and I would like to try china pearl a couple more times before deciding ;)

Location- 5th Cross, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
Price ( for 3) - Rs 1200
Yum-O-Meter- 4/5


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