Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Manchester United Restaurant

This place has been on my list to visit when my football crazy brother comes to town. He is a big fan of the Man-U team so he was pretty excited bout checking it out as well. its bang opposite forum mall in Koramanagala so nearly impossible to miss with its bright red neon sign  .
 The interiors are pretty cool - blue red lights and Man-U team memorabilia and pictures around.
 On one corner there's a big Tv screen with one of the matches playing .

 And on the other corner a live DJ with some nice mixes .

 The bar with the high chairs are to a side and  some comfy lounging couches as well.

Pretty impressive stuff! You can even buy their jerseys and other sports gear directly from there.
The menu is a mix - more of continental with some Indian ,Chinese added to it. The menus are literally a handful as you can see below :)
The food menu

The drinks menu - some of the cocktail have pictorial representation of the quantity of mixes in them- helpful
 We were just in to check out the place, so we just went for a drink each and a starter.
S and bro had the special Ice tea - a mix of vodka along with ice tea and lemon - pretty good , especially if your not in the mood for heavy liquor.
Special Iced Tea
 I had a drink called Glory Glory! It was a mix of vodka, lemon juice, and cranberry juice .
Glory ! Glory!
It was really refreshing - perfect drink for ladies - cos its got a hint of alcohol but not too overwhelming as well.
We ordered a side of beer battered fish fingers and chips .
Beer Battered fish fingers, tartar sauce and fries

The fish fingers were perfect - crispy outer coating and melt in the mouth inside.We loved it - and it was way good quantity for 3 people .The fries were yummy as well . I would have loved to try more stuff but we thought we ll come back with a bigger appetite to do complete justice to the food. It is on the expensive side - so go when there s a really exciting match to watch and with some good company .

Location -1, Kira Layout, Hosur Main Road, Opposite Forum Mall,Koramangala, Bangalore 
Price ( For 3) - 1400 ( Just drinks and starter) 
Yum-O-Meter -  3.5/5


  1. Fish fingers look very good. Not a football fan, but the place looks very cool....

    1. yep the place is pretty interesting to see, and the food is impressive. so even non football fans would enjoy it


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