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Cafe Thulp

This is a review long overdue, considering the fact it’s in my favorite list, and a place we frequently visit with friends and family. Café Thulp is nestled in the heart of koramangala, and considered ’The place’ for the best burgers in town. We have tried almost all of the burgers and none of them have ever been less than awesome. 

First up – come early, if you want good seating. It’s almost always crowded, and open through out the day which is a good thing .

The ambience is very lively and in case you turn up alone for a bite, there is a section with old books and even some (old) toys to occupy the little ones. There are board games as well, to be enjoyed wit a group of friends. The menu is a fun read, with innovative names.

In the starters- aptly named ‘Start me Up’, the ‘Buffalo Bill’,which are described as fiery buffalo chicken wings ,are to die for. 
Buffalo Bill
 It’s well marinated and succulent- everything you’re looking for in chicken wings and comes with a cream cheese dip.
The ‘Skin flicks’ are sinfully good- how can the combination of crispy potato skins slathered with cheese sauce, bacon and ham go wrong.
Skin Flicks
The ‘Gonzo Garbanzo’ had really soft and fresh pita bread and creamy hummus to dunk it in.
Gonzo Garbanzo
 Going to the all day brekker options, our favorite is the ‘Frogs in Heaven’.
Eggs Bangadicti(L) , Frogs in Heaven(R)
 Don’t be put off by the name – its just French toast with cinnamon and orange ,along with side of honey and butter– really filling  and baby A loved it.
The ‘Eggs Bangadicti’ consists of two perfectly poached eggs, just bursting with flavors of spicy cheese sauce, grilled onions and grilled ham on toasted buns.Yumm!
Do check out the corner blackboard with the days specials- the cheese omelets are amazingly fluffy  and for sides you can chose ‘Sideshow Bobs’ which are bacon rashers, fried ham or sausages.
Now the part which Thulp is known for – the burgers!
Usually we go for the Moo burger with bacon and cheese. All around meaty beef served with french fries and coleslaw. 
Moo Burger
 If you have the stomach for it , you can try the ‘Moos yo daddy’, but be warned ,its 400gm cheese burger , impossible for us to finish in one sitting .
Moos ya Daddy
Look at the size of that!
 The other special ‘Moosies’ (burgers ) here which we’ve tried are the ‘Ho Chi Minh’ ,which is a Vietnamese grilled pork burger with mint and chili . The combination of the oriental flavors and mint really shine through.
The ‘Ginza by Night’ is a teriyaki beef /chicken burger with grilled mushrooms. Nicely done and spiced, worth a try.
The ‘Gonzeshwara’ is a bacon wrapped fillet steak, cheese and egg burger with bbq sauce.
 I somehow didn’t enjoy it as mush as the others, cause it was like having a steak inside the burger and it was not as tender as I expected , had to do a little extra chewing .But flavors are spot on.
My favorite is the ‘Singin Saudade’ which is beef burger topped with fiery goan sausage and grilled onions. 
Singin Saudade
 It’s incredible and spicy. Perfect for those cold nights, for your spicy meaty fill.
Each of these come with coleslaw and French fries – which are both really well done, it’s so difficult to get good coleslaw nowadays.
There’s also a variety of sandwiches and pastas .
We generally wash down our meal with ‘A Cardinal Sin ‘ , which is hot chocolate and a snickers bar- the snickers generally is our dessert . 
A Cardinal Sin
 There are a couple of desserts on display as well but I’ve never tried any of them.
I’m sure this is a place we would be coming to, again and again, as we feel its worth our money and never ever been a letdown. Perfect place to hang out with your friends for a nice meal to just talk or play some games. A must try !

Location – 1st Main, 1st Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
Price ( for 2) – Around 800 Rs
Yum-O-Meter – 5/5

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  1. I loved the list of all the burgers. Salivating here, literally.


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